3 Things You Must 
Know To Master 
Health & Healing
Shifting the way we 
create health, 
one woman at a time
and they don't include diet or exercise!
Shifting the way we 
create health, 
one woman at a time
3 Things You Must Know To Master Health & Healing
and they don't include diet or exercise!
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The #1 Desire of Women In Mid Life?

I interviewed women ages 38-62... And with no exception, their #1 desire is for health.

What does it take?

What if I told you it takes as little as 1.5 hours to initiate change and introduce you to a world of health & healing you've never experienced before? Or join my 1 day in-person workshop to go even deeper. Or spend 28 days with me online to delve deeply into your health and healing at a whole other level! These are all fabulous options to reset your health and healing, tried and true, and long term. Contact me to find out more! 

Make Health Enjoyable!

Every woman I've talked to believe that "its just too hard, they won't see it through, they need constant motivation, that only their doctor knows what they need to do, or that they've tried EVERYTHING." They view change as a dark place, and that being healthy is no fun, and feeling great is impossible. That couldn't be further from the truth - Let me show you the difference and prove to you that it is not as difficult as you might think! Seriously! Contact me here to find out more

"There are not 5000 things one needs to do to be healthy,
there are about half a dozen things that need to be done well, 5000 times over." 
See What People Are Saying about working with Audrey...

“Audrey’s three-hour workshop provided an eye-opening look into many possible “alternative therapies” that can enhance healing and help to manage pain. I came away convinced that I CAN lose the extra weight I’ve been wearing for the past thirty years. Audrey’s upbeat personality, her range of experience and her wealth of knowledge made for a rapid-fire presentation that left me wanting to learn more about a variety of health-related topics.” {Attended New Year New You Workshop Jan 2017}


One of the best things about working with Audrey is that she didn’t just help me to come to these realizations, she coached me on what to do about them and with them. I didn’t just leave our meetings feeling better and lighter, but better equipped to work through my own challenges. I didn’t just leave with words of encouragement, I left with concrete strategies on how to live a fuller life.


Audrey is lovely, authentic and an intuitive communicator who listens and responds with integrity and compassion. She was prepared for each of our meetings with a variety of strategies and kept in touch daily to help me along my journey.
I’m happy to say that there has been a profound change in my mind, body and soul and I owe it to Audrey for coaxing my inner beauty to shine!


My Mission...
is to help women in midlife break through the barriers that keep them from the health and happiness they desire.
How Do I Do That...
by starting from a totally different place for women. By providing an atmosphere of fun, aha moments, and community. Online courses and workshops provide the steps you've been missing to build a compelling future for your health.
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 About Audrey
I am on my third life. Yes you read that right. By the age of 36 I had almost died twice. Many of my good friends, co-workers and even family members have no idea and have never heard my story. I didn’t want anyone to know about that part of my life. Since then I've had some really great times, but I've also experienced much turmoil. As it turns out my past is a very important part of my life and also to the rest of my journey. Through much trial and error I have found the secret to midlife health and healing. Today I love helping other women find it too. I am a coach, alternative therapist and personal trainer. It's time to share the secrets I've learned, trust me, it's not as hard as you think! 
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